Awards and Publications

Givatayim Suspension Bridge Competition- First Place Award 2010

The city of Givatayim announced a design - build competition for a 60 meter span pedestrian bridge over Rabin Boulevard, connecting the City Mall and northern neighborhoods to the southern city neighborhoods, providing a safe and comfortable access for the heavy pedestrian traffic in this area.
KSM developed the bridge concept, along with Engineer Itzhak Stern (Yad Engineers) and the Linom Construction Company. The award winning design strives to create a light and elegant steel suspension bridge whose fine form creates a new urban iconic landmark of modern yet modest proportions. Expected construction completion 2011.

Lilac Park- Pocket Park Herzeliya –May 2010 - Winner municipal design competition

KSM has been awarded first place in a design competition between landscape architects for a 3.5 dunam (0.35 Hectare) mini park in the "Progressives" neighborhood of Herzeliya Pituach built in the 1960's - the period when the neighborhood was young and the design theme seeks to capture the period with a bit of blossoming nostalgia. The park is scheduled for implementation in 2010-11.

Holon Story Gardens Receive Coveted Azrieli Award for 2009.

The Society for a Beautiful Israel has awarded the coveted Azrieli Urban Design Award to the "Story Parks" Project of the town of Holon. KSM has planned and designed more than 60% of these unique parks, working with children's story authors and sculptures to weave story parks in city open spaces. The award was given to the city for creating "a unique cultural and education park- a major contribution to the quality of urban life".

Lecture- Bruce Levin -The Annual Conference of Israeli Landscape Architects

November 19th 2009- "From the Washtub to the Spa" - Sustaining Israel's Urban Landscapes in Times of Drought."

Journal of the Israeli Association of Planners –Article and Lecture-

"The Pila, the Dreyfus and the Primus"

 On the Water Crisis and the Developmental History of Israeli Regional Planning vol.7 (1) 2010

The New Desalinization Plant at Palmachim

Environmental Mitigation on a Coastal-Riparian Site, 
by Bruce Levin 
A review of KSM landscape and environmental design of the new Reverse Osmosis plant. Review of environmental mitigation to reduce damages to ocean, riparian and sand-dune habitat . Review of Desalination programs as a world trend with emphasis on the Mediterranean and Middle East – Environmental trade-off analysis and policy. 
The Annual Convention of the Israel Society of Landscape Architects, Herzelyia- November 2007

Lecture:Wonders of Architecture- Past, Present and Future of the Skyscraper

by Bruce Levin – College of Engineering and Management, Afeka Tel Aviv,
January 2008

Urban Report- Yellow Line- Segment a Feasibility Study

Prepared by KSM in consortium with Hamburg Consult, Germany and RAM Engineering for the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Transit System June 2006

Building Standards and Requiremnts – Revision of Standard 22 Swimming Pools Building Code

Bruce Levin served on the design review and inter-agency committee responsible for the new statutes regarding public swimming pool construction in all of its aspects regarding public health and safety. 
October 2006

Hiriya in the Museum – 2

Exhibition and Catalogue of proposals Submitted to the Public Competition for Detailed Design of the Landfill
Third Prize - Team : Bruce Levin, Omer Yanowic, Enrique Lowinger (KSM) in association with Vered Zutta (landscape architects) and Mira Maylor (artist)
Exhibition and Catalogue at the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art sponsored by the Bracha Foundation May, 2005

Habitable Image

Habitable Image, A Network of Promenades Defines Israel's Past and its Future, byPaul Bennet (cover story),
Describes the Jerusalem Promenades designed by Lawrence Halprin, Shlomo Aronson and Bruce Levin
Landscape Architecture (ASLA Journal)May 2005 vol. 90, Washington DC, USA

Lecture: Sky upon Wetland - Third Place Entry to the Competition

A complete audio-visual presentation of the proposal for reclamation and conversion of the giant Dan Region Land Fill into a living and healthy eco-system. Discussion of the technical, philosophic and symbolic aspects of the design.
Presentations sponsored by the Bracha Foundation and the Tel Aviv Museum of modern Art- Shalom Aleichem House, Tel Aviv June, 2005

Green Design for the Red Line

By Bruce LevinThe Light Rail System in the Dan Metro-Region is described in terms of efforts at friendly and green Integration into the existing urban fabric.
Landscape Architecture Journal of Israel 19, September 2005

Survey for Existing Bicycle Use and Future Potential within the City of Petach Tikvah

by Tami Holtz-KSM
In field survey and analysis of potential use by function, age group and routing as a basis for creation of city Bike –ways Master Plan
Prepared for the City Department of Roads and for the National Ministry of Transportation. August 2003

"Arrangements for Accessibility of Persons with Disabilities

In Public Places and in the Urban Setting"
This book, illustrated with details and examples, served as manual and precursor to the Israel Standards Institute - Standard 1918 for Design for the Handicapped which is the main building standard under the new "Law for Accessibility".
Co-Authored Bruce Levin, Architect; Dr. Ahuva Windsor, Environmental Psychologist; Daniel Prigat, Architect
The Institute of Research for the Development of Educational and Welfare Institutions,
Ministry of Interior and Department of Welfare, September -2003

From Excitement to Serenity- On the Design of Two Hotel Resorts

By Larry Gordon
Contrast and comparison between the lively family resort of Royal Gardens Suites (Isrotel Eilat) and the quiet Carmel Forest Spa Resort, an upgrade full treatment spa for couples and singles. (Both designed by KSM).
Landscape Architecture Journal of Israel 11, September 2003

Promenades and Pedestrian Malls for the city of Resorts- Eilat

by Bruce LevinA Review of the Eilat Northern Shoreline, Public Shoreline Open Spaces as part of the Resort and Tourism Environment.
Landscape Architecture Journal of Israel 11, September 2003

Comparative Analysis of Use of Synthetic Turf Grass in Lieu of Natural Turf Grass"

With problems of drought and high water costs, maintenance requirements, the public still enjoys the calming feel and look of turf-grass landscapes. Innovation and improvement in artificial turf calls into question the continued use of natural turf grass in public and governmental projects. This paper deals with the technical, financial as well as design- philosophical issues involved in deciding policy regarding turf in public open spaces.
Building Center, Department of Defense, January, 2002

Plaza of Dreams, Tel Aviv's Shoreline Promenade Gets a Face-Lift

By Orit Ishai.
Article on London Plaza Park, roof gardens in the heart of Tel Aviv's seaside promenade, designed by KSM includes park, memorial to the illegal boat people of the 1930s and 40s, and Café Piazza. 
Niche- Style, Design and Building Magazine June 2002, vol.6

The Aerial Privilege-Air Force Academy

By Dr. Hillit Mazor
Describes the new IAF Air Force Academy designed by architects Poreh Yacoby and Landscape Architect Bruce Levin (KSM) 
Architecture of Israel –Architecture and Design Quarterly No 60
February, 2002

Lecture- Roof Gardens, Xeriscape and Future High Density Design-Bruce Levin

Technical and Design Aspects of Implementing Large Roof Gardens using examples form KSM projects in Eilat and the Carmel Forest Spa. 
Hebrew University Botanic gardens Lecture Series, February 2002

Article: Bridges that Make Places- A Review of Recent Foot Bridge Designs

By Bruce Levin – KSM Architects Landscape Architecture Bi-monthly Journal; October, 2012

(Cover Story)  Journal of the Israeli Society of Landscape Architects

Research Paper: Mikveh Israel: Preserving the Landscape of a Cultural Heritage Site

BY Bruce Levin (submitted for MSc Thesis Architectural Conservation) April, 11, 2010

Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, 

the Technion Institute of Technology;  Haifa, Israel