Spa resorts



SPA Resorts 2007-8

KSM has designed two major spa projects. The "Streaming Waters" desert spa-resort is designated to become one of the larger facilities in the near east. Project, designed in collaboration with Architect Shlomo Gertner, consists of 120,000 sm of open and built facilities, thermal pools, sports facilities for winter training, indoor and outdoor message pools and treatment centers, indoor pools and water slides, as well as oasis gardens with 3 kilometers of streaming creeks culminating in a scenic lake with migrating water fowl. In addition 70 individual overnight suites are provided for long term guests.


Another project recently master planned with architect Thomas Littersdorf consists of a full rehabilitation of the Hamei Tiberias thermal spa. Built in the 1960's on the site of ancient Roman sulfur baths, the plentiful supply of thermal mineral water makes this an ideal project for rehabilitation. KSM designed the outdoor spaces to include existing and new thermal pools. A "grass hut" tropical style was added to the exterior pool bar and entertainment stage. Views to the Sea of Galilee were maximized by replacing the "Concertina" fencing with a glass rail and sea side cornice profile- opening up the vast and historic views. Children's water playgrounds, a new outdoor barbeque restaurant, and upgraded wood decks, planting, paving and lighting are also part of the design.


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