Hotel Raddison-Bucuresti



Exterior Landscape, Pool and Hardscape Architecture

The renovation of the exterior pools and garden courts is based on the new facility program and will create a modern, attractive environment full of activities and elements to please the tastes and senses of our guests.

A new terrace dining deck will provide spacious and elegant poolside dining seating up to 140 guests. .

The new main pool reaches 1.60 meters in the deep end and has a pleasant free form shape with a length of approximately 20 meters. The pool is accented by a “swirl” of planting- wood deck and fountain opposite the main lobby.

The new indoor-outdoor Thermal Massage Pool extends from the new indoor pool and allows guests to swim from the inside to the exterior while never leaving the water. The 39Degree thermal pool includes massage beds, floor and back massage jets and bubbles in generous quantities as well as a “whirl” massage and curtain fall massage.

In the center of the exterior court, a large entertainment and dance deck with a modern and elegant pool bar can seat up to 120 additional guests during special events. The bar is adjacent a new pantry-kitchen and elevator.

Pool decks and lawns wind thru the gardens and around the pools with ample room for at least 200 pool lounge chairs.

The Le Bistro Restaurant is to be enlarged with a new glass atrium entered from the garden court via a grand stairway, which pierces thru the curtain wall and flows down three meters along with tropical plantings. The new garden atrium, connected to the gardens and backlit in the evening will be especially attractive in evenings.

The glass-covered winter walkways connecting all the different wings of the complex allow weather-protected passage as well is being another backlit element bringing new life to the evening ambiance.

Special lighting effects of the various pools, tree canopies, as well as steaming water from the thermal spa, all contribute to create a new garden of pleasures and rest for all seasons and times of day.



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Bucharest, Romania