Light Rail Transit Planning


Light Rail Transit Planning

KSM has performed a number of services over the last years, for implementation of conceptual, and final tender documentation packages for the Dan Metropolitan Region (Tel Aviv ) Public Transit System.

KSM served as Urban Design and Landscape Architectural Consultants for the Red Line, Green Line and the Yellow Line. KSM worked with A&E consultants such as SEMALY (Lyon, France), Hamburg Consult (Hamburg Germany), DeLeu (USA), DEL, Dagesh, Gadish, Ram and MATI (Israel).

Among KSM tasks was to provide design requirements for streetscapes, depot architecture, street lighting. Also KSM was involved in street planting and stop location assessment. In addition KSM was partner in editing the Performance Specifications regarding street and urban design as well as plan checking and design review for the Red Line construction implementation phase.




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Dan metropolin,Tel Aviv, Israel