Kfar hayarok interchange


Kfar haYarok Interchange, Ramat Hasharon

The new highway and interchange connecting Israel’s coastal highway with the Geha Highway running east to west was commissioned by

the Department of Public Work’s Highways Division. The decision was made after much controversy to sink the highway to limit the negative

impacts to surrounding residential communities,

As project architects, we worked with the various engineering disciplines, designing two pedestrian bridges, and two heavy vehicular

overpasses. In addition we designed 1200 meters of poured concrete acoustical walls. Landscape treatment involved creation of large berms, mounds and slopes planted with low maintenance shrubs and ground covers which soften the impact of the huge area of asphalt and concrete required to absorb the complex traffic requirements. Various trees were planted in large numbers, amongst them, Peltophorum, Chlorisia, Bauhinia, Cypress, Date Palms, and Canary Island Palms.

We collaborated with “Archigraphica “ sign designers to create a unique sign welcoming drivers in to the town of Ramat HaSharon. The project was a good example of the community exerting pressure on government agencies in order to lower the negative impact of transportation infrastructure using architectural and landscape design to create a positive and attractive solution.



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Ramat Hasharon, Israel