Cross Israel Highways


Cross Israel Highways

The new highway highway system connect the north and south of Israel is a landmark project both due to the BOLT system of tender as well as the stringent environmental controls applied to the concessionaire. As landscape architects for Derech Eretz, KSM designed two important sections of the project. Design included use of native plant materials, innovated extensive systems of irrigation and maintenance as well as sustainable and environmentally sound construction and planting practices used for the first time in Israel. In addition to the highway landscaping, KSM was responsible for design of acoustical barriers, reclamation and mitigation of damage to streams en route as well as restoration and protection of Ottoman and Mandatory historic structures impacted by the project.

overpasses. In addition we designed 1200 meters of poured concrete acoustical walls. Landscape treatment involved creation of large berms, mounds and slopes planted with low maintenance shrubs and ground covers which soften the impact of the huge area of asphalt and concrete required to absorb the complex traffic requirements. Various trees were planted in large numbers, amongst them, Peltophorum, Chlorisia, Bauhinia, Cypress, Date Palms, and Canary Island Palms.

We collaborated with “Archigraphica “ sign designers to create a unique sign welcoming drivers in to the town of Ramat HaSharon. The project was a good example of the community exerting pressure on government agencies in order to lower the negative impact of transportation infrastructure using architectural and landscape design to create a positive and attractive solution.



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