Play Sculpture


Play Sculpture

City of Holon- Herzel Park and Yavneh Arts School "Mayan"

From 1998 to present, KSM has been collaborating with artists on environmental play structures using large steel armatures, and gunnite (shot- crete) cement.

Our feeling is that the standard playground equipment manufactured is generally dull and boring, not offering to challenge the imagination of youngsters.

The play sculptures designed by KSM with local artists are all developed with the national Standards Institute and conform to the European (EU) safety standards.

In addition the design of the parks, placement of the sculptures and arrangement of plantings, benches and paving is all a part of the "integral" park design. For the Yavneh school, outdoor classrooms where created using the theme of the "world of the sea'. The use of bright color, free informal shapes and imaginative forms is used as a tool to make learning fun and to lower tension and violence in the school yard.


System uses Steel rebar and RHS armature, steel lath sheeting and gunnite- shot-crete structural coat. Finishing plaster and DuPont epoxy color coatings,

Railings and handrails:

Special hardened steel with ceramic epoxy nautical paint

Safety floor and surfacing- Caste in place EPDM coated rubber matting 5-8cm thick over concrete or compacted gravel sub-base



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Holon, Israel