Mosque on the Caspian Sea


Mosque on the Caspian Sea

Design Concept:

73 years after the destruction of the mosque, the 1,383 year old year old Bibi Heybat Mosque has been rebuilt in 1998- a monument to freedom of worship!

Now in 2007, the plaza of the mosque can be built in the spirit and tradition of the worlds great Mosques, Al Aksa, Jerusalem; Umayyad, Damascus; Ibn Tulun, Cairo; Imam, Isfahan; Suleymaniye, Istanbul; and the new Hassan the Second in Casablanca .

Design Elements- Arcade (Riwak) framing the sea view, , Sabyl (Public Drinking Fountain) , “Kuba” (Commemorative Pavilion) as well as Imam's pulpit for outdoor prayers, raised decks auxiliary buildings for special gatherings,

Since the actual size of the prayer hall in Bibi-Heydat is relatively small, the KSM plan calls for a multi-purpose plaza- a true public gathering space which on Ramadan and other hoildays can hold an additional 3000 worshippers. The square is paved and laden with traditional Mosque elements, pavilions, prayer niches, drinking fountains, purification fountains, arcade, and wind screens. Palms trees and roses, are traditionally used in holy sites and will be part of the scheme. Of course the use of architectural colonnades and see thru screens (Mushrabiya) to frame the view out to the Caspian Sea and the legendary Bibi-Heybat oil port and fields, completes the architectural treatment of the plaza.



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Baku, Azerbaijan