Skatepark Clubhouse


Skatepark Clubhouse

As part of the program to provide a skate park for local youth, the municipality 
asked KSM to develop plans for a youth center based on wheel sports.
The two level, three hundred meter structure contains a skate shop and repair-parts center on the lower level, first aid room, administration, and registration desk.
A bistro café serves over the counter with a service elevator up to a second level closed- air conditioned "observatory" room. The entire roof of the second level is covered with a large aluminum shade structure for casual viewers as well as for event viewing and judging. The other side of the upper level contains a "control tower" for park managers to oversee the entire park during usage, Skaters having finished snacks and resting on the upper level can shoot back down to concourse level via the vert ramp built into the structure at the far end.

Materials and finishes:
Exposed concrete prefab panels
Plywood sheathing
Perforated steel sheeting
Aluminum lathing
Aluminum framed safety glass panels
Steel frame and poles for cable hung roof shade structure

Concrete unit pavers flooring



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Ramat Hasharon, Israel