Small Bridges- 1985-present



KSM designs many small and medium pedestrian bridges as part of our overall designs for environmental and landscape design of various transportation corridors. Small vehicular and pedestrian bridges serve agricultural crossings, stream and river bank service - maintenance access as well as hiking and bicycling access. In addition covered handicap accessible pedestrian bridges with ramps or elevator piers are designed by KSM to link rail, bus parking and park and ride lots at transportation mode junctures. KSM design bridges for the public sector where cost, durability and ease of maintenance are prime factors. Generally exposed concrete prestressed elements are used although steel, and wood bridges are designed for their warm appearance in natural settings.

 In addition to new bridge design, KSM also engages in conservation and rehabilitation of existing historic or aging bridges. As a part of bridge design KSM also designs river-stream reclamation along with the hydrologist-structural engineering team. A sensitive stream stabilization design is as important as good bridge design to achieve a total sustainable riparian environment after land reclamation is completed.


Bridges and structures