Wind Chime and Weather Vane Garden- Haifa


 Wind Chime and Weather Vane Garden- Haifa

On the "Weather Vane Hill" in the Neve Shaanan Neighborhood of Haifa not far from the Technion University lies a lovely Mediterranean woodland garden on a hill created in the 1960's by Miller-Blum Landscape Architects.

The garden consists of a swirling path which climbs to the summit of this 4 hectare site. The native plants have grown and established a fine ecological balance. The park however has been neglected by the public for want of attractions. KSM has created a rehabilitation plan for the Haifa Foundation, which gently adds a Sound and Sculpture Park to the existing natural condition.

Wood decks "float off" the spiraling path into the air as the slopes drop off. The various observation decks radial spread from the summit and mid-slopes, contain "Folly's", all different but having the theme of kinetic- motion and wind driven sculpture, with some creating sounds and natural music as the wind velocity rises. Giant wind chimes, wind harps, and kinetic wind vanes create a series of events celebrating the panorama of views to the sea and valleys and hills around. A small amphitheatre and children's art gallery will be used by the adjacent school of arts. More typical children's play equipment will be specially designed in keeping with the sculptural nature of the proposed park. The Folly's will be illuminated at night with RGB "Power Lights", creating a magical image on Neve Shaanan's high summit.



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