Intel Research and Development center Petah Tikva completed

KSM plan for New digital park for sports and leisure approved

KSM to plan new sports center in Givaat Brener

Oshira kfar saba: First phase of construction complete

K.S.M. Architects to design the new northern campus landscape at Ben Gurion University

KSM to plan Israel Railway electrification

K.S.M. Architects have been selected as landscape Architects for the old quarry park in Shoham.

KSM to plan new entrance corridor to Jerusalem - route 16

K.S.M. Architects has been selected as landscape Architects for the Recycling Park of the Dan Municipal Sanitation Association.

The project aims to transform the Hiriya landfill site into a recycling park, giving garbage a second life as raw materials and minimizing environmental damage. Due to the use of advanced technology, the park has become an international leader in the recycling sector, and attracts many professional visitors from Israel and abroad. KSM is to prepare a new master plan integrating a complex variety of uses and programs. Other than the 2000 tons of waste brought in on trucks rolling thru the site every two minutes, a series of new facilities are in the works. These include the RDF plant, upgrading of the organic waste and methane extraction plant, new office of the Dan  Municipal Sanitation Association,  upgrading of infrastructure, new garage separation facility, new construction waste site,  effluent treatment plant, MRF tertiary waste treatment plant, and upgrading of the environmental educational facilities on site.

The Dan Municipal Sanitation and Garbage Disposal Association receives garbage from 18 local municipalities daily. Six of these municipalities are members of the Association: Tel Aviv, Holon, Ramat Gan, Bat Yam, Bnei Brak, and Givatayim. Additional municipalities serviced by the Association are: Shoham, Kiryat Ono, Givat Shmuel, Ramat Efal, Azur, Ganei Tikva, Savyon, Ramat HaSharon, Bet Dagan, Gan Rave, Or Yehuda, and Yehud. The Association also receives waste from private contractors.


The Dan Municipal Sanitation Association is leading the largest environmental movement in Israel. Its main purposes are:


• Treating household waste while streamlining and improving services.

• Developing the recycling park and its facilities to create energy from waste.

• Cooperating to rehabilitate Mount Hiriya.

• Environmental education.

Tel Aviv Light Rail - Purple Line

As lead Landscape Architects for the Dan Region’s second Light Rail Line, KSM and the RAM team are nearing completion of the Design Development Phase MSII  of the project.  The design review is coordinated by the National Committee for Planning Infrastructure (VATAL).

The statutory process is in full swing. KSM along with agronomist Hanoch Burger have submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture the most extensive tree survey made to date in submission of the light rail proposed design. 

Cross israel Highway 6 Yokneam- Tel Kashish

KSM continues intense work on the landscape design of this massive highway project  20 km east of Haifa , will connect Haifa and the Galilee to the Cross Israel Highway north south grid. KSM is landscape architect for the design build contractor- Shafir Engineering. The grueling design review process conducted by the special LAHAV Team of the Ministry of Interior and the Environmental Impact Report are near completion as construction work has begun. 

Yavneh District B-C

This massive 2,400 mixed use neighborhood in Yavne  28 km south of Tel Aviv, moves into the infrastructure development phase. KSM has completed the master plan including stream reclamation, Sand Dunes Preserve and Park as well as open space and park system for this planned community of some 9000 inhabitants

Highway 531 Architectural Supervision

KSM continues to supervise design and coordination of landscape architectural aspects of this major east west corridor from the coastal highway near Shfayim- Rishpon   in the west to the inland Highway 4 at the Raanana – Kfar Saba Junction. The project contains  five major interchanges and  integrated suburban rail system as well as a rail station,  bridges, infrastructure  and acoustical solutions.

Rosh Ha -Ayin New District B

Construction of the 4,500 DU district of this town east of the Dan Region continues at a rapid pace. KSM is finalizing construction documents for street furniture and massive street plantings as well as coordinating lighting and open space design. KSM conducts ongoing architectural supervision with project management, municipality and the Ministry of Housing. Ongoing design of commercial and institutional sites is advancing towards tender design –build stage.

Tel Hadid Memorial Site

The Logistics and Supply Corps of the IDF is building this memorial site for the more than 400 fallen soldiers of the corps since Israel’s founding, KSM is completing the interior design of the complex after previously completing the landscape architecture and exterior finishes to the building originally designed by Architect Mimi Peled. The interior is to include offices of the veterans association, kitchenette, meeting room, rest rooms, a multipurpose hall and a remembrance hall. The remembrance hall includes an eternal flame set into a ramping floor with special LCD lighting set as many flickering candle lights  in the vertical  “columbarium”  and flanking small libraries containing books and digital files recording the stories of the corps and its members as well as the fallen. 

KSM designs "Towers on the boulevard" park in Holon

KSM to be lead landscape-urban designers for new Rosh Ha'ayin neighboorhood

Bavli neighborhood, Tel Aviv

KSM has begun design of a number of public institutions - synagogue & exclusive commercial center for the new Bavli neighborhood of Tel Aviv.   

Israel's housing shortage

KSM is working on all phases of design for new neighborhoods in Rosh Haain, Yavne, Shoham,    Dimona and Givaat Zeev. in total of 5000 DUs.

Cross Israel highway expansion

KSM is landscape Architect for the massive highway project including 
Yokneam & Tel Kashish interchanges.
This project will bring the cross Israel freeway system North to Haifa and the Galillee.

KSM chosen to develop second opinion Alternate highway to Jerusalem

The Israel National Highways Company selected KSM along with Dagesh Transportation Planners in order to investigate possible cost effective alternatives to a major connection from southern Israel to the city of Jerusalem. Both firms where chosen for this complex task based on past experience and successful transportation designs in sensitive landscapes. Initial repot to be issued by 2011.

Givatayim Suspension Bridge Competition- First Place Award 2010

The city of Givatayim announced a design - build competition for a 60 meter span pedestrian bridge over Rabin Boulevard, connecting the City Mall and northern neighborhoods to the southern city neighborhoods, providing a safe and comfortable access for the heavy pedestrian traffic in this area.

KSM developed the bridge concept, along with Engineer Itzhak Stern (Yad Engineers) and the Linom Construction Company.  The award winning design strives to create a light and elegant steel suspension bridge whose fine form creates a new   urban iconic landmark of modern yet modest proportions. Expected construction completion 2011.

Barcelona Architect Andrea Wasserman- Yofa joins KSM

Andrea joined KSM in 2009 as head of Architectural Design.  A Master's Graduate from ETS d'architectura deBarcelona, she brings significant professional experience from various architectural firms in Barcelona andBuenos Aires.

Landscape Architect Nitzan Olomutzki Joins KSM.

 Nitzan, BLA from the Technion University, Haifa graduate joined KSM in 2009, brings her dynamic young energy and experience to the firm.


KSM was selected as landscape architect and resort designer for a family style destination resort on the coast of Nha Trang near Cam Rhan Bay, Viet Nam. Lead building architect of the group is  MYS- Moore-Yaski –Sivan .

KSM Architects to be presented at the 10th annual conference of Israeli Architects sponsored by Domus

KSM as part of the Amy-Metom\ Obermeyer Consult engineering team, have been awarded design of Jersualem's second Light Rail Line, the Green Line by the Jerusalem Transit Metropolitan Authority. The competition was amongst 8 groups of highly qualified international teams of engineers and architects. Design work should begin in 2010. KSM will lead the group in Urban Design and Site Planning of the system which will be either a fully documented tender or issued as an RFP tender.

KSM Architects to be presented at the 10th annual conference of Israeli Architects sponsored by Domus

The 2010 Israeli Architects Conference will feature 50 leading firms, KSM among them.  KSM has designed a unique display for the conference- using CNC laser cutting techniques in combination with nurb geometries produced by Rhino Software. The display incorporates digital frames, LCD displays and features current and notable past works.

Special guests to the conference will be the Italian and Chinese editors of Domus Magazine and the chief architect of Shanghai.

KSM chosen as Landscape Architects for the Israel Museum Expansion –Aug 2007

Design begins in collaboration with three architectural firms from Israel and New York
Project due completion 2010

Larry Gordon to Judge Romanian Student "Parks of the Future" Design Competition-2008

KSM partner Larry Gordon has been chosen by Petrom Romania Oil and Gas Corporation to serve as judge in the "Parks of the Future"  competition for young Eastern European architects and students.  Petrom chose two sites for the competition which best exemplify the problems between  urban  growth and the natural  and agricultural environment.  One site is in Timisoara and the other in Ploiesti. 
This idea's competion is a first of its kind for environmental- sustainability in this country  and indicates Romania's growing environmental consciousness in the attempt to gain stewardship of it's environment. . 

KSM Adds Department of Architecture -September 2007

Design begins in collaboration with three architectural firms from Israel and New York
Project due completion 2010

KSM Adds Department of Architecture -September 2007

KSM has opened a department of architecture dealing in small to medium special architectural projects. The services include all phases of interior- exterior architectural design. The
department is currently designing a villa and guest house, a four duplex unit condominium project in historic city of Jaffo by the sea, as well as interior design of the Academy of Fashion Design which includes design, fabric and leather cutting and sewing, /CAD design and exhibition.

KSM engaged by NTA-Messilot (Tel Aviv Mass Transit Authority) for Red Line LRT - January 2008

Due to KSM's long involvement in design and planning for the tender documents regarding street level urban design aspects of the system, NTA-Messilot have chosen KSM to act as design review consultant on Urban Design-Landscape Architectural Planning for the largest infrastructure project in the State of Israel .

KSM to design a new housing project in Bohana, Bulgaria February 2008

The Scorpio International Real-estate Investment Group, after a successful collaboration with KSM in its Kiev Park Avenue Residential Project, has chosen KSM as landscape architects for a uniquely designed apartment complex in the elegant hill district of Bohana near Sophia, Bulgaria.

KSM chosen as Landscape Architects for preliminary design of Geha Highway 4 expansion from Morsha to Gan Raveh January2008

Perhaps the main "bottleneck" in the national road system, the overloaded transit and infrastructure corridor often comes to grid-lock. KSM's vast experience in early planning stages of metro-LRT-railway and highway projects is the reason KSM was chosen by The Ministry of Transport and The Department of Public Works to collaborate with the multi-disciplinary engineering-urban design team at this critical stage of project development.

August 2012 - KSM Developing Prototype Industrialized Public Restroom for urban open spaces.

The prototype public restroom is being prepared for the Shaham Arica Company of Ashdod. The goal is to provide an industrialized public restroom which is both elegant, easy to maintain and durable enough to be sustainable in public urban conditions. KSM researched successes and failures of the design type in Europe and in America and has come up with a unique but simple Israeli solution. 

March 2012 - KSM Prepares Landscape Element for the Purple Line LRT – Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan- Givatayim

The NETA – Dan Region Transportation Authority has awarded the RAAM Group the design of the second LRT Line designated to run thru central Tel Aviv and to environs east. KSM was chosen as Landscape Architect based upon years of experience accumulated in LRT Urban Design.

April 2011 - KSM Prepares Landscape Architectural Element of the Red Line- Petach Tikvah LRT

The NETA – Dan Region Transportation Authority has awarded the Decker Group the design of the first major LRT Line designated to run thru central Tel Aviv and to environs east. KSM was chosen as Landscape Architect for the Petah Tikvah section of the line for the tender documents phase. The scheduled tender is for August 2012.